Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's wrong with not wanting any S C R U B S .? at first im like... "omg somebody else with another reality show" but when I looked at the trailer it actually looked okay. Floyd is on there...and It sort of reminds me of myself before I met my boyriend. My standards were sooo high I coldnt settle for less than perfect...BUT MY BOYFRIEND EATS PORK. Lol.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Not To Room With a Bully-SMH

Mannnn...I dont even have words for this here. Smh. I would have walked out too. Guess why he beat him up....FOR SOME OREOS!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

House and Ellen

Hugh is soooo cool. He's from England.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Having a Life?...NOPE.

Ughhhhhhh I wake up this morning...feeling empty (womp womp). My car is totaled (FUCK!) and spring break starts this weekend. I mean, of course, I have my family. But my sibs go to school next week, and my parents run errands. Yes, it's cool to tag along....but whenever I am alone with my parents sometime during that day I'm going to get a lecture (ughhh). I'd rater stay home.

Boyfriend works during the week...and of couse, it's nott like I can see him when I want because I dont have the transportation to get to him. (grrrr) But beyond that...friends? Not likely. The few I have are either away at school, or too busy to consider a date or a bit of time for me. Sometimes theres just always an excuse. What am I to do?

I'm outgoing, to a certain extent..(yeah right)...ookay i'm shy to another extent....but even so...I cant just get new friends ya know? I can't just go find someone to hang out with. I can't trust most people...they always end up playing or crossing at some point...i'd just rather not try tht route anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong....if someone comes along...i'd give them a chance....but that chance is slim to none.

I suppose I am to go home, sit in my brothers' room (because it's not like I have my own) watch t.v... do a bit of studying... and continue on to being a loner. It just sucks because my boyfriend does his thing....goes out or whatever alone or with his friends...but for some odd reason the only time I hang out is with him. It gets irritating....very irritating. But hey....those are just adjustments I need to make eyyyy?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNA-Certification Class

As you may know, I am an aspiring Nursing student. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesis...that is. I am a freshman so I have a job at the school library and ran into a CRNA... We chopped it up and I got her information. She said I can come and Shadow her. SWEET. That was super exciting. Not only did that happen, but the day before Valentines day, I met my boyfriend's Uncle, who happens to work at the hospital right u the street (Sinai-Where my grandad died RIP grandad!!) and he told me to give him a call, he'll be able to get me a position up there doing something.

So I had these connections but only to either volunteer and work for free or get a minimum wage job as a CO-Op or something. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I'll take a certification class (which happens to be 600 bucks!!) to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA's make in btw 10 and 15 bucks, which is cool to keep my bills paid when I get an apartment so my parents won't have to worry about me and I can get some experience out of the way.

Hopefully I can get the cash by the summertime to take this 2 week class and the state test and become a CNA. Me, being 19 years old... that's cool. And it would be my highest paying job yet lol.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flower Power

Distorted floral dress. FLY. Super cute for someone who has the bod to wear it. Perfect for anysemi-formal occasion.
Flral Pumps from Forever 21. You could wear these with just about ANYTHING. More than likely a pink dress would do it. Too bad they dont have these in my size....=[

Idk about you, but to me floral printed apparel is extremely fashion forward. From pumps, to sundresses...I'll wear almost anything with floral designs. All of these flowers make the winter go away!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry I've been missing. I've been dealing with the things that matter to me the most. (as you can see in the title) So we can start off with school...

I have been super busy with studying because this week I had an exam, 2 papers due, and a Chemistry quiz. Lots of studying and work and studying and work and get the picture.

My boyfriend and I have been having problems lately; all of which have been resolved, so I decided to spend my weekend with him.

And last but not least, my family. Today my daddy was in a car accident. I already knew he was okay so I didnt think the worse, but one half of me felt guilty. The car is ruined and of course they cannot pay to get it fixed....they're paying for me to go to college. Its saddening because my family would do anything for my education. They'd even put there house up for it... It reminded me today that I need to get more serious about this because my family is sacrificing alot...and if I dont get it together, not only do my parents have to suffer, but my siblings have to as well. Not only am I pursuing this career for myself, but for my family because I need to repay them for all they have done for me.

That's all for now. I'm getting a head start on studying and writing yet another paper for Psychology. Until Next time...farewell.